Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How well [is] the public is being served when

Yesterday I came close to posting this error found on page 3 of that day's 24 Hours Vancouver (read the sentence that begins "How well...):

Today 24 Hours Vancouver did a follow-up article, again on page 3. Using the same quote, they apparently attempted to fix the error:

The addition of [is] in the second article doesn't correct the error. If they had added the [is] and deleted the other is, then it would make sense. What's curious is that 24 Hours Vancouver is quoting a TransLink spokesperson's open letter to the media. So why did the writer needed to add [is] and the [to]?


arthurdent said...

As the author of the letter (done on the fly from a Blackberry), I am grateful that 24 HRS tried to clean up a bad bit of typing. The second 'is' shouldn't be there...but I was responsible for it in the first place.

Humbly yours,
Ken Hardie

jblue said...

Thanks for providing that insider information. Hey - do you have your towel with you?

Arthurdent said...

Oh you bet...and my Bable Fish is on duty as well...