Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yahooooooooooooooooooooo! December 2013

Happy New Year! It's 2014 and we're looking back. More specifically, we're looking back to December 2013 and the errors that were seen on the Yahoo! Canada homepage. First, on December 1, the question mark should have been after the closing quotation mark. Then,

on December 5 the words say and ever should have been swapped. Then,

also on December 5, surely - based on context - leader's should have been leader. Then,

on December 8 there was an important lesson regarding proofreading. Then,

also on December 8, there was an I missing from what should have been competitive. Then,

on December 11 there was this misspelling of heist. It's another nonword Yahoo! - where is your mind? Then,
on December 15 there was another nonword with this misspelling of cleared. Then,

there was a second nonword on December 15 with this misspelling of selfless. Then,

there was a third nonword on December 15 with this misspelling of portraits. Then,

there was a fourth(!) nonword on December 15 with this misspelling of decade. 12/15, Yahoo! - never forget. Then,

on December 17 there was this misspelling of midwife. Then,

on December 18 I puzzled over what "an absent minded father airport" is. Then,

on December 22 on should have been one. Then,

on December 26 form should have been from. Then,

on December 28 there was this absolute nonsense. First of all, Yahoo! writer, score does not mean what you think it means. Second of all, I think the rest of the sentence can be fixed by changing an to on and moving it to between marks and their. Then,

on December 29 there was this misspelling of Redskins. Then,

also on December 29, there was this misspelling of rules - resulting in another nonword! Then,

on December 30 should have went should have been should have gone. Then,

in the corresponding article ("Whoopsie! Chelsea Handler Injures Herself Skiing (but Jokes About It)" on Yahoo! Canada omg! on December 30, 2013), these were the final two paragraphs. The final sentence of the penultimate paragraph is missing at least one word. The final sentence of the final paragraph has a made which should be may. Then,
on December 31 there was this misspelling of what should have been Antarctica. Then,

also on December 31, there was this dog's breakfast. In my mind, terribly should have been terrible and favs should have been faves, but I don't know what to make of with plenty of with. A little help? That's all for this time. Click an image to enlarge it.

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Laura said...

Yikes! Is it possible that the Canadian Yahoos are worse at proofreading than the US Yahoos?