Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yahooooooooo! August 2013

Hi everyone! Did you have a good August? I did, and hope you did too. Let's see if Yahoo! had a good August 2013 by looking at the errors that appeared on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during that month. First, on August 3 there was this there was this error. After I clicked to the article,

I saw the third sentence of the article ("Language commissioner chastises John Baird for unilingual business cards" on Yahoo! Canada News on August 2, 2013) also contained an error. The apostrophe-S at the end of that is plain silly. Then,

on August 4 there was inconsistent capitalization. One of these lines is not like the others. Then,

again on August 4, then should have been than. Than Then,

on August 11 peak should have been peek. Then,

on August 16 there was this nonsense. Firstly, homerun should have been correctly written as home run. Secondly, everyday should have been every day. Thirdly, "somehow this grounder him back to home plate" is a hot mess. I think the easiest fix is inserting the word got between grounder and him. Most importantly, the play in question wasn't even a home run - the article itself states it was "a ground ball single to the pitcher with two errors attached". Then,

on August 27 it's should have been its. Then,

on August 29 there was an amusing misspelling of annoying. Finally,

again on August 29 there was another amusing misspelling - this time of during. I'd say that was an average month for Yahoo!, wouldn't you? Click an image to enlarge it.

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