Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yahoooooo! April 2013

It's time to review the errors seen on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during April 2013. First up, on April 7 Yahoo! provided some breaking news about what food can do for you. Then,

on April 9 I believe the word early should have been between half-hour and for, but that's just my best guess. It'd be nice if professional writers did some proofreading so readers didn't have to make any guesses. Then,

on April 12 bandid was meant to have been bandaid. That's the first suggestion listed when searching for bandid on, and a kissing bandaid sounds like a good idea since we all know that kisses make all boo-boos better. Then,

on April 18 it seemed that a Yahoo! writer plays fast and loose with the definition of typo. Typing teh when attempting to write the is a typo. Typographical error: "An error while inputting text via keyboard, made despite the fact that the user knows exactly what to type in." ( Typing .ca instead of .com is not a typo. Then,

on April 26 loses should have been losses. See the article for proof - "With his legacy in the balance, Michael Bisping is still searching for that elusive major victory". Lastly,

on April 28 there was was a repeated word. Click an image to enlarge it.

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