Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yahooooooooo! April 2012

 Errors. The Yahoo! Canada homepage. April 2012. Let's go. On April 4, 900 years old should not have had any hyphens. None. Zero. Then,

 later that same day, department received one T too many. Then,

 again later that same day, of should have been off. Then,

 on April 12, the hyphen in Julia Louis-Dreyfus is not - repeat, not - in the correct place. Then,

  later that same day, Jimmy Buffett's last name was short a T. Then,

 after clicking to the article ("Jimmy Buffet to replace ailing Eddie Vedder in May 3 Jazz Fest lineup" on Yahoo! Canada Music on April 11, 2012), I saw that the headline was also wrong, despite the article itself getting it right in the very first paragraph! For shame, Associated Press and Canadian Press. Then,

again later that same day (April 12), there was another nonword on the homepage. When searching for siezes on dictionary.com, the first suggestion is suezes. The second suggestion is sizes. There are eight suggestions for actual words and seizes is not one of them! Then,

on April 19, there was a misspelling of Denis Leary's first name. And,

yup, the article ("Dennis Leary's Dick Clark tweets raise eyebrows" on Yahoo! Canada News on April 19, 2012) had/has the same error, despite the name being correct in the article's first sentence! Sound familiar? Smh. Then,

on April 20, why did the writer leave the Y out of Trayvon's name (in the smaller font)? Also, does it seem to you, as it did to me, that it was the judge who directly addressed the teen's mourning parents? I checked the article, and it was the accused shooter who did the addressing. Kinda misleading there, Yahoo! writer. Finally,

on April 25, I think the first the should have been then. Done. Click an image to enlarge it.

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