Friday, November 18, 2011

Yahoooooooooooooooo! October 2011

Whoa. Is it already November 18? Yes it is, and I am finally posting the errors I detected on the Yahoo! Canada homepage during October 2011. Let's make like a bunny and hop to it. First up, someone wrote written wrong on October 7. Next,

also on October 7, the apostrophe was in the correct place in Evan Rachel Wood's name at the top, but was in the incorrect place on the right. Click here for proof that it wasn't a link to pics of Tiger's hair. Then,

on October 8 the word the should not have been included and easy-to-use needed hyphens. Then,

later that same day, the word is was out of place. Then,

October 11 saw several errors. Why was there a period after the N and not a period after the Z? Then,

perhaps the writer got confused with the close proximity of death ("death is near!"), but heath should be health. Then,

the last error on October 11 was this redundancy that I saw on October 11. Both links went to the same story. Next up,

on October 15, I had an inkling of what this jumble of words meant, but to be sure I clicked to the article. When I did,

I found out that a Vancouver restaurant is a joke. I would have thought the standing-while-peeing ban was the joke, but that's not what the above headline claims. And,

it's also not what this paragraph from the article claims. Weird. Moving on,

on October 17 there was news about Tim Hortons. What I get from the above is that some Tim Hortons employees are telling the soup that it looks really good. And they're digging the soup's new shirt. The article featured the correct word: complement. Then,

on October 22, someone didn't know that Steve's last name was Jobs, not Job. Then,

on October 25 someone was an I short in spelling religious. Then,

on October 28 there was another problem involving an apostrophe and Steve's last name. Then,

on October 29 there was this. I think the best fix is to insert a hyphen to make it killed in on-set explosion scene. Finally,

on Halloween, there were several errors. First, I think this should start as The singer's attempt. Then,

there was a hilarious misspelling of abandoned. And,

last but not least, there was a swapping of the first two vowels in what should be customer. Click an image to enlarge it.

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