Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yahooooo! June 2013

Symptoms should have been symptom, and I don't really know what "He could even grow beard" means. Even if it was even grow a beard, I'd still be confused. A man could even grow a beard?? What??? That's crazy!! That was on the Yahoo! Canada homepage on June 6. Let's see what other errors Yahoo! presented to its readers during June 2013. Next up,

on June 8 there was a nonword: targetting. The correct spelling is targeting. Then,

on June 14 there was a misspelling of homosexuality. It was also misspelled in the article's headline before it was eventually corrected - the evidence is in the article's web address. Then,

on June 20 there was an obvious misspelling of and. Obvious, that is, to anyone who doesn't work at Yahoo!. Lastly,

on June 21 and was spelled correctly, but it was repeated. Click an image to enlarge it.

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