Monday, February 18, 2013

Playing fast and loose with the writing

This article ("Remarkable Colorado full court shot in girls hoops game goes in off a bounce" on Yahoo! Canada Sports on February 11, 2013) includes an embedded YouTube video after a short opening paragraph. It seems the writer - who thinks that Anna Olson "grabbed a loose ball" right before scoring the amazing basket - didn't watch the video because it very clearly shows Olson's teammate grabbing a defensive rebound and then passing the ball to Olson. Then,

the ball's bounce wasn't straight up, as there was obviously momentum towards the basket. And long-range needs a hyphen. And the writer says the basket was worth two points, while the YouTube video's description claims the basket was worth three points. Either way, there needs to be a period after that closing parenthesis. Click an image to enlarge it.

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