Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yahoooooooo! February 2014

It's the start of March 2014! Which means looking back at February 2014! Let's take a gander at the errors that were detected on the Yahoo! Canada homepage last month. On February 2 there was an apostrophe in stars that shouldn't have been there. Plus, in the same-item teaser below the larger version (second from left), appearance was misspelled. Then,

well, then I was debating if the previous post on this blog was also the final one. I'd look at that first image above and think, 'Do I post it all alone and that's it? Or do I delete it and no more posts? Or do I keep this train a-rolling?' The days slowly crept by, and then February 25 happened. I signed out of my Yahoo! email and saw the image above. But their could be? Really? Okay, I'll capture that one and do at least one more post. Then,

February 25 wasn't done with me yet. At the same time as the their/there error, Yahoo! was displaying this. Get rid of or and you have somethere here, Yahoo! - or, rather, you have something hear. Then,

February 25 still wasn't done with me. Displayed at the same time as the previous two images was this misspelling of surprisingly. Then,

another one from February 25, at the same time as the previous three! Why didn't anyone didn't anyone notice the repeated he has he has? Was Daniel Radcliffe too much of a distraction for the writer (and proofreader, if applicable)? Then,

you won't believe it. Maybe you will. It's a fifth image in the "simultaneously on February 25, 2014" series. How he's trains for the Games. Sure. Whatever you say. Uh huh. Then,

from February 28, it's an it's that should have been its. Semi-related, this error makes me want to go visit the monkeys at Batu Caves and the spiders at Penang Hill. And finally (in more ways than one?),

later on February 28 I signed out of my Yahoo! email and this was the top story that greeted me. Either his or a should have been jettisoned - can't have both! Click an image to enlarge it.